What Men Secretly Want: Secrets Revealed

Did you know that there are things that men secretly want but could never tell you? Men are known for their egos and no matter what you do, this is their nature. A man would rather keep some things to himself than hurt his ego by letting them out. By understanding these things, you get closer to understanding men.

In his guide What Men Secretly Want, James Bauer reveals some of the best hidden secrets about men and relationships. To most women, men are an enigma that they simply cannot figure out. What’s worse, most women keep doing little things that really irk men and turn them off completely.

After reading this guide, you’ll never approach relationships again. Without a doubt, it is an eye opener and a must-have in every woman’s dating arsenal.

What is It About?

what men secretly wantFirstly, this guide is obviously created for women so men stay away. Inside the guide, James Bauer reveals the things he believes that women don’t understand about men. Not only that, he also reveals things that cause a man to drift away from a seemingly loving relationship.

Other things in the guide are basically common knowledge. For instance, several studies have shown that there’s a big divide between how men and women think. For many relationship coaches, this is not a surprising fact as it’s something they deal with and witness almost on a daily basis.

James reveals another interesting fact about men. Apparently, a man would rather be respected then loved if given the choice. This is rather startling to many women but perfectly understandable. Men are naturally drawn to women who treat them with respect. This is a primal instinct that’s wired in a man’s DNA, so they cannot help it too. Understanding this simple is key to winning a man’s heart for good.

In the guide, James explains the respect principle in detail. However, there are many other topics covered in the guide including communication, the emotional bond, phrases to avoid when talking to your man, how to always be attractive in his eyes, and many more. There are specific qualities that men look for in a woman but most men wouldn’t readily reveal them. All these are listed in the guide.

Is This For You?

As we’ve already noted, this guide is created for women, but is it for every woman? Here is why this guide might be useful for you:

  • You’ve never managed to keep a man committed in a relationship.
  • You don’t seem to understand why your man is behaving in a cold, aloof manner.
  • You desperately need professional counseling but cannot afford the high fees. You don’t know who to talk to.
  • You’re dating a man but you want to be sure he will commit.

This guide is not for you if you don’t have intensions for a long term relationship. But that is highly unlikely because every woman longs for a man to love her for a long time.

What Is Turbulence Training About

Turbulence training is one of the most popular fat loss programs on the Internet. It is particularly popular for its accelerated fat loss techniques, hence the name turbulence. The training is designed for maximum fat loss within a short time. Evidently, it doesn’t suit beginners very well but if you’re properly motivated to take on hard challenges, it can turn out to be the best fitness program you ever tried.

turbulence trainingNow in its second edition, TT as it is commonly known is a product of Craig Ballantyne, a veteran of the fitness industry. It comprises a series of instructional videos showing a range of muscle building workouts that also accelerate fat loss.

Craig uses a type of training known as Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT), which comprises intense fat burning workouts. Most of the workouts in MRT are compound exercises along with selected body exercises.

While they are intense, the workouts only last 45 minutes and you train 3 days a week, which makes it slightly over an hour of training a week. This is pretty manageable for most people, even those with busy schedules.

Moreover, every four weeks, you alternate between workouts. This is important as it prevents your body from going into a plateau.

What Makes This System Effective?

What makes TT very effective for fat loss is that it comprises a series of whole body workouts that target all the major muscle groups. Other workouts in the system target problem areas such as the belly and thighs.

And as we’ve already said, you change workouts every four weeks to avoid the dreaded ‘exercise plateau’ where the body becomes used to a particular routine and ‘adjusts’ accordingly. Consequently, you’ll not achieve any more gains using the same workout routine once the body has adjusted. This is why alternating between workouts proves so effective.

Obviously the system also comprises a solid nutrition plan to go with the workouts.


The TT system is in a league of its own when it comes to effective fat loss. Here are the specific benefits you get:

The workouts can be done at home: Craig incorporates many bodyweight workouts that can be done at home. These include pushups and many of its variations, squats and many of its variations, chin-ups, jumping jacks, and several curl exercises, among others.

It is very affordable and the workouts can be done at home: Not only is the system cheap to buy but the tools you need are affordable too. A few dumbbells, a stability ball, and a jumping rope are enough for a start.

The workouts are concise. In a time where every minute counts, you don’t want to spend valuable evening time in the gym sweating off fat. The exercises in the Turbulence Training system are intense but short. You only need to be consistent.

Variation: To prevent plateaus, Craig uses variation in workouts to shake things up. This is a one of a kind approach you’ll rarely find in other guides.

Bonuses: The TT system would never be complete without bonus material. With your purchase, you get some of the best bonuses you can get with a fitness program.

Get Magical Thumbs With Magnetic Messaging

If you’re like most men, getting a woman’s attention is one of those dreaded things that make you quiver the moment you think about it. Let’s face it; which man doesn’t fret at the thought of confronting a woman face to face? Granted, you still need to get her number in the first place but that is not as frightening a prospect as holding 2 hours of conversation trying to impress her.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go through that agony ever. Text messaging removes all the complications in wooing a woman. It even becomes easier when you have all the tools at your disposal.

Expert dating coaches Rob Judge and Bobby Rio bring you all the tools you need to attract a woman via their popular guide Magnetic Messaging, a real game changer when it comes to chasing women. It covers all the basics when it comes to chasing women and it is generally aimed at the beginner level.

Magical Thumbs

magnetic messagingRob Judge and Bobby Rio provide the best attraction techniques based on texting. If you want to get magical thumbs, this is the guide for you. The techniques show you how to create attraction, build emotion, and get a woman to fall incredibly in love with you.

The techniques are more oriented to attraction rather than full-blown dating advice. The authors focus on the initial stages of attraction as it’s one of the biggest hurdles for men to jump

At the center of the guide is the Keylock Sequence, a texting technique devised by the authors that literally unlocks a woman’s heart. Rather than focus on small talk like most other guides, this technique delves right to the things that matter. This technique shows you how to use simple flirtatious texts that get the message across without any pretense. The KeyLock Sequence technique builds an irresistible emotional and sexual connection in the object of your desire.

The Details

The guide is divided into four main parts.

The first part is the phone game basics part where you learn the nitty-gritty of the phone game and why they’re important for attraction. It’s important to get good grasp of these basics before proceeding to other parts.

The second main part concerns the date. The authors discuss everything you need to do before, during, and after your first date. They discuss timing and why it is utterly important for the first date.

The third main part is the KeyLock Sequence briefly introduced in the previous section. This is the gist of this whole guide and one you should put a lot f emphasis on.

Finally, the last part discusses girls with low interest. Sometimes, you fall for a girl and yet she seems to be disinterested. In this part you will learn how to deal with such in a way that flips the advantage to your side.

Any man out there who wants to change the way they approach women should read this guide. Using simple but utterly powerful texting techniques gives you power and makes any woman uncontrollably attracted to you.

What Are the Pros And Cons of Adonis Golden Ratio

In case you’re not aware yet, physique is the in thing in fitness now. It’s not just a matter of shedding fat now. It’s about looks as well. So for all intents and purposes, your fitness goals should be aimed at fitness as well as physique.

In his groundbreaking fitness program, John Barban shows you how to get ripped so as to achieve an Adonis-like physique. Adonis was a Greek mythological god of masculine beauty and this is where John borrowed the name for his program to aptly call it the Adonis Golden Ratio fitness program.

Body Transformation

adonis golden ratioThis is a men’s only program designed to transform your flabby body into a ripped, attractive male physique. When t comes to first impressions, physique goes a long way. Most people quickly make judgments about you based on your fitness level, which is easily depicted by your physique. And since physique is an important aspect of the impression people get of you, it’s only natural that you take it seriously. Your physique is a key part of your persona. It instantly exudes a visual impression of you to people you meet.

In the guide, John tackles both the physical and mental aspects of transforming your body. As mentioned earlier, the whole concept of the guide was built on the premise that the ultimate male physique is only comparable to the beauty, strength, and athleticism of Adonis the Greek mythological god of beauty. This is a pretty high yardstick of male beauty and explains the techniques used in the program.

How It All Comes Together

The workouts are pretty intense but they’re designed around your fitness level. When starting out with the program, you take measurements for your waist and shoulders as these eventually determine the workout route you follow. In fact, you enter the details – along with height, weight, and age – into a software application which then generates a detailed nutrition plan that best fits your body.

The core workouts in Adonis Golden Ratio are designed for fat loss and muscle gain. You also incorporate many sculpting routines that give your muscles shape. Typical workouts incorporate compound exercises, circuit training, and strength exercises. They all come with instructional videos to help you follow along easily.

In addition to the main nutrition plan and workout schedule, the guide provides other crucial pieces of advice that give you perspective about fitness.

Members access the online forum where they interact with other members for motivation and advice. As you probably know, with fitness programs, going it alone is an uphill task as it is easy to slack off.

The author also suggests that you shouldn’t waste your money on dietary supplements for fat loss as they’re largely a total waste of time. Of course, there are a handful of exceptions, some of which you’ll find in the supplementation guide.

There are at least two bonuses that come with this program. By taking advantage of all this material, you can be sure to achieve a very attractive masculine physique, in addition to a whole lot of health benefits.

A Review About Eden Diaz’s Skin Whitening Forever

Do you want to make your skin lighter? Skin Whitening Forever is a product that promises to do just that. Created by experienced dermatologist Eden Diaz, this is a complete home-based solution that provides remedies for various skin issues, in addition to lightening your complexion. Eden uses basic home ingredients that do not harm your skin in anyway even if used for a long time.

Eden claims to have used the same methods she provides in the guide to achieve a lighter skin complexion. It is claimed that you can expect to see results within 30 to 60 days of consistent use.

What’s In The Guide?

skin whitening foreverCompared to many other guides out there, this is a relatively short guide comprising only 79 pages. A good portion of the guide is about Eden’s own experience both as a dermatologist and as a user of her own invented methods.

The guide comprises a couple of home solutions for lightening skin complexion. The important thing with all methods is that once you start with any treatment method, you apply consistently until results show.

At the basic level, all methods work the same. They inhibit melanin production, the pigment in skin that gives it its dark color. Eden’s methods do not destroy melanin because the skin still needs it. Rather, they limit the quantities produced, thus making the skin lighter. Note that these methods do not bleach the skin. They simply make it lighter.

We cannot go into the details of how these remedies control melanin production but you can trust that they’re safe. That being said, you should avoid over exposure to sunlight as your skin’s sensitivity to sunlight is likely to increase when using this treatment.

When the pigments in your skin become overactive (after exposure to the sun), the dark patches or spots become aggravated. Using the remedies in this guide, you’ll be able to control such irritations.

Treats Other Skin Problems

One of the strongest points going for the Skin Whitening Forever guide is that it provides other remedies for treating a range of skin irregularities including dark spots, discoloration, patches, and uneven tone, among others.

The guide also provides remedies for discolorations caused by hormonal changes including freckles, age spots, acne, and melasma.

When Should I Expect Results?

Most people’s concern after purchasing this guide is when they’d expect to see result. But natural skin whitening is not a fast process, just like any natural treatment solution. Don’t expect your skin to become lighter overnight. It takes some weeks of consistent use to see any results. Moreover, your skin will become as light as it can ever become. That is, the lightest you will get is how much your skin can allow.

Also note that some people achieve results much faster than others so you just need to be a little patient if you’re not seeing any results after applying for a while.

Overall, Eden Diaz’s skin treatment solution is a safe and easy to use remedy for skin whitening. Dedicate time, patience, and consistence and you’ll see results.

What Is Metabolic Cooking All About

It takes a lot to lose excess fat – exercise, dieting, and a whole lot of lifestyle changes. Unsurprisingly, most people find it hard to cope and soon abandon all efforts to become fitter.

Tools that make this process easier are always welcome. Now there is Metabolic Cooking, a new recipe programme designed by Dave Ruel and Karine Losier to make the dieting and cooking part of weight loss a lot easier and enjoyable. This programme is a complete set of cooking tools designed with fat loss in mind.

If you are on a mission to transform your lifestyle through healthy eating, this is a handy tool to have.

What Is The Programme About?

metabolic cookingAs we’ve already stated, this is not a mere cook book but a complete programme that offers hundreds of healthy metabolic recipes. In all the program comprises 9 cookbooks, with each focusing on a particular area of metabolic recipes made up of these sections: breakfast, chicken and poultry, pork, fish and sea food, meat, smoothies, sides, vegetarian, and snacks.

With these, you get easily accessible and healthy meals in no time. There are at least 20 recipes in each cookbook, making it more than 200 recipes in total.

One of the best things about the Metabolic Cooking programme is that Dave and Karine make the process so enjoyable that it is difficult to get bored at any point. You enjoy every step of the way as you whip up tasty meals to help you lose excess fat. Granted, some of the dishes are not so easy to make but since the process if fun, they end up looking so easy.

In addition to the tasty recipes, the guide provides a nutritional guide essential to understanding the 3 major macro nutrients: carbs, protein, and fat. Timing is important when it comes to weight loss and this guide shows you how to properly time your meals for maximum benefit.

For instance, eating carbs in the morning allows for gradual release of energy as well as burning of calories during day. A meal that’s high in protein and fat eaten in the evening will turbo-charge your metabolism and accelerate fat loss.

Another great thing about this guide is that it highlights a couple of ingredients commonly used in generic cookbooks that actually lead to weight gain. Obviously these are ingredients you should avoid in order to keep your weight in check.

There are a bunch of other bonus guides you get along with the main purchase including: Fat Loss Optimizer, Supplements Optimizer, and the Thermo Charged Seasoning Guide.

This programme is a real game changer as far as fat loss is concerned. Of course, these recipes alone cannot give you the fitness levels you want; you need to integrate weight training, cardio, and other appropriate lifestyle changes to achieve your dream fitness goal.

Overall, you need to take a look at this programme. It offers a lot more than mere recipes. It keeps you motivated by making the whole process fun to follow.

Learn Vital Life Survival Skills From The Family Survival System

Each one of us is working towards a safe and guaranteed future. We all want to ensure the safety of our families against all sorts of uncertainties in future, but how many of us have the skills and experience to fully prepare for a disaster?

This is where Frank Mitchell’s Family Survival System comes into the picture. Frank draws from his experiences as a member of the US Armed Forces to provide vital survival tips that are perfectly applicable in the current times we live in. After traversing the world on different military missions, Frank has had the chance to witness firsthand the effects of disaster caused by war, famine, Industrial accidents, extreme weather, financial meltdowns and a host of other causes.

Looming Disasters

family survival systemWhether you admit it or not, we seem to be headed for tougher times in the future. Many predictions paint a not so rosy picture of the future.

In particular, Frank Mitchell emphasizes the looming financial crisis that will spiral out of control and affect millions of American families and by extension millions more in other parts of the world.

It’s easy to see where Frank comes from as far as his predictions are concerned. The US Government debt is predicted to be 3.14 trillion by the end of 2015. With is info, you’d be damned to think that your future in the US is safe. You can longer shut your eyes and hope that you will somehow not be affected when disaster strikes.

It is only you that can protect your family when disaster strikes. You cannot count on Government to do that so you need to take matters in your hands and prepare for the worst. This is what Frank Mitchell shows you in this guide. He has worked with a lot of people and has gained first-hand knowledge of surviving the worst crises regardless of the cause.

Frank makes these tips easy to master through a checklist kind of format. The chapters on the 7 vital survival tips are arranged as actionable checklists that you tick off as you complete them.

Real Survival Tips

One of the best things about this system is that it doesn’t create a false sense of security. In fact, Frank claims that his tips merely minimize the damage that you’d have suffered in a disaster. In the end, you come out in a better situation than you would without these survival tips. Frank’s survival tips are some of the best you can find anywhere but he doesn’t claim that they’re infallible. They simply minimize the risk of destruction to the point that you may come out unscathed after a disaster.

These tips can be used not just in times of disaster but even in everyday life where there is seemingly no trouble. For instance, you can become better at managing your family’s finances.

It is all up to you to take action and protect your family’s future well being. At the measly price that this system is offered, there’s really no excuse for being caught unawares.

How Does Fat Loss Factor Work

What’s the one thing about fat loss that makes it so hard to be successful? While the obesity scourge is firmly with us, a lot of people are beginning to take a conscious step towards becoming fit and healthy. However, many of them quickly find out that losing excess fat is not as easy as it is made out to be by some reviews.

So why is it like this?

Only Trust Experts

fat loss factorAs far as fat loss is concerned, it pays to trust experts. It’s true that losing excess fat is not that hard, but what you don’t normally hear is that it is not all about diet and exercise. It is whole lot more than that.

If you want to lose excess fat, there’s no reason why you should lose muscle density. The vast majority of formulas being sold online are actually weight loss formulas, ones that will make you lose muscle density, fat, and water. Sure, you will become smaller and may be even fitter, but you’ll also be less healthy due to loss of water and muscle density.

Your focus should be fat loss. You want to shed excess fat not muscle and this is where the Fat Loss Factor comes in.

The Claim

Dr. Charles Livingston, author of the aforementioned program, claims to be in possession of info that explains why you put on excess fat. Predictably, he also claims to know the tricks of losing that fat. He calls it the fat loss factor and has documented it in his guide introduced in the preceding section. Note that his focus is fat rather than weight.

Truthfully, this claim is not so different from various other claims that accompany newly released health programs but based on Dr. Charles Livingston’s experience and credentials, it is difficult to dismiss his claims.

Dr. Livingston claims that he provides tips that make it easy to stick to the program over a long duration. Of course, the changes are cumulative and you can only start noticing them after a while so that’s why it is utterly important to stick through the program for at least 12 weeks.

Dr. Livingston deserves credit for his efforts to explain why most programs fail. He suggests that many programs are based on low carb diet plans as the core component on which all other techniques are built. But various studies have clearly revealed that you cannot lose excess fat through starvation.

Does It Work?

Like many similar programs, Dr. Charles Livingston’s program offers tips on nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle changes necessary for fat loss to occur on a sustained level. However, the standout feature with this one is that it provides a method for customizing the nutrition and workout plans based on your attributes of current weight, fitness level, lifestyle, and so forth.

Ultimately, you have to try out the program to prove or disprove the claims. For the thousands of people that have commented positively about the program, it seems to be working perfect for them. Chances are good that you too will find it useful.

Boost Your Bust Reveals Secrets To A Bigger Bust

Men are attracted to feminine curves. The bust is one of those salient curves on a woman’s body so it’s no surprise that many women prefer a big, curvaceous one. Many women are turning to pills, elective surgery, and other aggressive interventions in order to get bigger boobs. In the quest to achieve a bigger bust, however, it is crucial that you seek safe methods that don’t pose any threat to your health.

But just why do most women want a bigger bust?

There are various reasons but these ones stand out:

  • They want to achieve a feminine shape. In addition to hips, a big, curvaceous bust is quintessentially feminine and attracts men in droves. It’s no wonder then that many women go to lengths to achieve it.
  • They want to attract men. Crazy as it may sound, the truth is that many women who seek to get bigger boobs do so to attract men.
  • To look good in clothes. You probably know that every woman wants to look their absolute best in clothes. Without a good curvaceous body, chances are you will look average in most clothes. Bigger boobs make many women look gorgeous and attractive in their clothes.
  • To imitate their favorite celebrity. This may also come off as crazy but many girls want to look like their favorite celebrities. One of the things they do is get bigger boobs that they can be confident to show off.
  • To look fertile. Yes, before the cosmetic surgery and other artificial interventions were commonplace, back in ancient times men selected mating partners based on their curves; that is, size of bust and hips. Apparently, this signified that a woman was very fertile. A couple of scientific studies have alluded to this assertion although it is not fact.

Evidently, the quest for bigger boobs is not about to wane anytime soon. If you want to do it safely though, choose a natural solution.

A Solution Created By A Woman For Women

boost your bustNo one understands women’s needs better than a woman. It’s a no brainer really. And on that note, we can safely conclude that Jenny Bolton’s Boost Your Bust system is just about is a compelling alternative to elective breast augmentation surgery and other artificial measures. It offers proven strategies you can use to grow the size of your breasts naturally.

Jenny Bolton reveals a series of closely guarded secrets that helped her achieve bigger, firmer, and more attractive breasts in a matter of weeks. What’s more, the strategies are simple and home based. There are no pills employed and many women will find them easy to apply.

Most importantly, Jenny claims that the strategies worked for her and therefore chances are high that they will work for you too.


Breast augmentation is in high demand nowadays as more women seek to enhance their busts. While there are plenty of artificial interventions – surgery, silicone implants, fat injections, and miracle creams, among others – natural solutions offer the safest and cheapest route, and this should definitely be your choice. Jenny Bolton’s natural system standout for a variety of reasons and you ought to give it a try.

Add Spark To Your Relationship Using Text The Romance Back

How possible is it that you can reignite the spark in your relationship using a text message? Well, according to dating guru Michael Fiore, you can absolutely reignite a dwindling romance using simple but powerful messages sent from your phone. Michael Fiore has crafted a name as the master of text messaging for relationship repair.

Since everyone literally has a mobile phone, it makes sense to use text messaging to increase magic in your relationship. Michael Fiore has been studying relationship dynamics for years now and he draws on this experience to provide solid tips for restoring romance into your relationship.

The Power Of Texting

text the romance backMichael Fiore created Text The Romance Back to help couples in distraught relationships restore the romance with ease. The self help guide offers tips designed to create feelings of love and longing your estranged partner.

You probably know that as a relationship becomes more comfortable, the fizzle wears out. You become too used to each other’s company and stop missing them. The romance then fizzles out completely and sometimes the sexual tension too.

According to Michael Fiore, a delicately crafted text message could be all it takes to get the relationship back on the road. It is simpler and takes a lot of thoughtfulness compared to talking to your partner directly when things are not all that good in your relationship. Chances of making them worse are higher when you confront your partner directly than when you use texting.

Note that texting in this case is used to mend things and restore the spark in your relationship. It is not suggested as the main means of communication in your relationship. Personal face-to-face communication is irreplaceable as a pillar of any health relationship.

How The Guide Works

Michael Fiore’s self-help guide comprises three main parts.

The first part is the intro and provides a sneak peek into what you can expect from the guide. Michael also provides reasons why texting is preferable in mending a relationship.

The second part comprises the texting methodology. This is where Michael explains the various types of texts that are important for rebuilding a relationship. As a trained relationship coach, Michael employs clever relationship psychology to create charm, and attraction. Messages are grouped into types including appreciation texts, curiosity magnets, sensual texts, compliments, and more.

In the third part, you learn how to customize the texts to fit your style. You realize that the sample texts used in the guide are based on the author’s personal style, so you cannot lift them as there are and use them in your own situation.

The best thing is that Michael shows you how you can make the adaptations, for instance based on your gender; men are visually oriented while women are more sensitive to romantic things. Michael suggests that you craft your texts based on this paradigm.

In all, Michael Fiore’s self help guide shows you that every relationship deserves to have love and romance. If yours is devoid of these things, then it is not worth being called a relationship in the first place.